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Cancer treatment can be devastating to the mind, body, and spirit. Medical interventions address the disease, they may come with side effects and physical therapy can help.


When undergoing surgery and radiation, skin changes are common. Our treatments accelerate healing, minimize pain, and restore skin shape, texture, and comfort.


Stagnation of lymph can occur – a fluid that contains infection-fighting white blood cells – that is no longer recirculating in the body. Early stages are reversible.


Pain following surgical, radiation or chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer is not uncommon. We offer several options to treat your pain.


Lymphedema and scar management can be helped with Compression Garments. They also minimize itching and provide more comfort and normalize the pigmentation of the scars.


Reiki taps into the energy fields in your own body and works to unblock areas that have decreased flow due to trauma, repetitive use, and surgery.  By re-establishing flow to these blocked areas, circulation is increased resulting in relaxation and pain reduction. For some patients, Reiki is also effective for reducing nausea associated with chemotherapy and radiation.

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"I am deeply passionate about empowering women to actively manage their own health decisions to restore balance and well-being back into their lives."


Education is at the core of individual health empowerment.

From years of both personal and clinical experience, I can teach you how to listen to your body, ask the right questions before you make decisions, and to advocate for the care that’s best for you.

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